Thursday, June 4, 2009



I hope you like the article in the Burton Mail (click on the goal below to find it...). My mum thinks I have made it. One of the patients at her clinic mentioned she'd seen the article and she was glowing...ready to take a bit of credit!Dont you just love her! Even my dad said 'Congratulations'. No mean feat to get a compliment from him. This is the man who said 'don't overreact' when Derby beat West Brom in the play off final.

What I liked most about the feature was the fact that people can actually see what I look like. I think readers expect the book to be written by a male model but as I mention in the first paragraph of the book that it is written by an ordinary bloke for other ordinary blokes.

At the moment, I am still in search of a publisher and it appears that the credit crunch has hit the book trade as publishers cut back on new titles. This will not deter me as the lads of England need this book to help them on their way.

Does anyone in cyberspace know who could possibly publish this book?

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