Monday, July 19, 2010

Leave Heskey Alone

Now this is the last I am going to say about the world Cup, but before I leave this tired subject, I feel the need to defend Emile Heskey who announced his retirement from international football last week.
He scored something like 2 goals in 100 matches but since announcing his retirement, the whole world and his dog, journalists and fans together, have joined in a big club together to inform him what a useless player he is and how he is of no loss to the country.
Throughout his career Heskey has come in for criticism and taken it like a man without ever responding to the England supporters or journalists.
Heskey is reknown for his work-rate but also his inability to score goals and this is exactly what happened in the World Cup. He played well without scoring goals.
He performed as most of us expected him to whereas other players substantially underperformed and came away unscathed. Heskey remains the No1 scapegoat.
Heskey never begged to be in the side and never moaned when he was not in it. He just did his best for his country whenever he was asked to serve and this is the thanks he gets for it.
Well, I tell you something, if I was fighting in the trenches I know which member of Capello's squad I would want with me.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fabio and England - The Perfect MisMatch

Now I know that England supporters are a bit tired of the not so beautiful game that we have been watching for the past couple of weeks but indulge me my one little observation.

I don't understand what Fabio Capello says.

There it is...I have said it now.

But you know something, when I ask other people the same question they dont seem to understand him either. So to take this idea to to the next you think it is possible that the players don't understand what he is saying but they are too frightened to tell him? It seems to me that until Fabio breaks the language barrier, himself and England are The Perfect MisMatch.

Any thoughts?