Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rani savours 4-0 victory at Duke of Wellington

Apologies to all bloggers due to my extended summer holiday...but what about Heskey getting an England recall!

Anyway, having been a bit slack on the old blogging,I thought I should start the new season on a high. Last Tuesday night 4 copies of The Perfect Match were sold to punters, in arms length transactions, at the Duke of Wellington. Events at the Welli started slowly with me discussing with Lee,the spread in the Journal for the book. No sooner had the conversation ended then Lee acquired the first book. A couple of minutes later Mike piped up with a purchase of the second and then something incredible happened. Rob, who I would have bet my entire future earnings on never buying a book, said he would take one off my hands for a fiver. Then, in the manner of all good routs, a complete unknown purchaser Tom, just walked in the boozer and got the fourth moments after coming on.

So the match stats look something like this.

Walked in pub with £20.

Spent £10 on ale
Sold four books at £5 each

Returned home with £30 in arse pocket

Result - The Mrs was chuffed.

Now that's what you call a trip down the pub!