Friday, October 26, 2012

Paul Jewell - is that his real name?

Isnt it strange how people have surnames which actually describe what they are like. I am thinking of someone like George Best who was (according to Pele-no footballing slouch himself) the best footballer in the world. If you're considering runners then there's good old Usain Bolt, again a perfect surname to describe the man himself. If its golfers then Tiger Woods roared onto 14 majors until his mrs hit him with a golf club around the head . So its ironic that Derby County's least successful manager of all time, has the surname of Jewell. The reason I am writing about Paul Jewell is that this week his managerial career was ended at Ipswich Town by of all teams Derby County. I wish Paul Jewell well and I hope he gets another job soon but he might want to check that surname of his is correct.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

X factor ex factor!

Now I am not Gary Barlow's biggest fan but he was dead on to walk off tonight's show. A pathetic performance by judge Walsh!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Robbie Fowler - Pundit?

I turned on the TV last night and was flicking through the channels when I came across Robbie Fowler commenting on what must have been the Liverpool game as I missed the programme. I have nothing against Fowler who I always considered an excellent striker but the guy was, how can I put it, clearly out of his depth. What were ITV thinking about? They have clearly forgotten the embarrassment of wheeling out Paul Gascoigne for an England tournament some years ago. It is difficult to forget the picture of Andy Townsend sitting beside Gazza, almost pleading with him to say something sensible.
Get yourself a proper pundit ITV. There must be millions of unemployed footballers who have got more than 2 neurones sparking away in their head.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neil Hingorani The Movie

My first attempt at a seamless YouTube video to promote the book. Nancy in her best Spielberg performance. Me, in my Sunday best! Let me know if you think it could work or if it needs smoothing out a little. Ebook imminent so get your Amazon accounts ready!