Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Perfect Match

Allright, I will hold my hand up and admit it, I have not blogged for over 6 months. I kind of gave up on getting the book published and focussed on my new career as a university lecturer but guess what? I decided to self-publish and I have a book signing at Waterstones on Saturday 13th Feb from 12-2pm. I hope you can all make it. The book retails at £5.99 but there is a 10% discount for orders over 50!
They say that great oaks start with acorns ...well this is probably acorn shavings but who knows. So for any single male out there looking for a woman...get yourself to Burton and purchase of a copy. I am willing to sign the book or write a message in it. However, my brother in law Richard, said 'dont write anything in my copy, I want one of the rare unsigned versions'.Thanks mate.