Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I arrived at the garage to look at the subject car a VW Passat and was amazed to see that the price had been reduced from £5995 to £5599. This had to be a good omen. I then drove the car and it glided like a cross from David Beckham. The bodywork was also immaculate for a 5 year old car so I asked about the service history and was told that there is a full service history with the car.

This was going to go into the history books as the easiest car transfer of all time. So I paid the deposit of £250 and let out one of those I'm so chuffed with myself little laughs on the way out. But as I approached the exit, I said to the manager 'Can I have a quick look at the service history before I go?'

'Of course' he said, 'all vehicles come with full service histories because the cars are leased'.

And there it was, in between 35,000 and 64,000 miles was an in your face, bold as you like empty space where another service should have been. Without getting too technical the car can do a max of 20,000 miles between service due to long life oil but not 30,000! I mean... give the car a chance!

The peace in my little head had been shattered. I had been searching hard for a problem to replace my Champions League Worry and now Buying a Car had been promoted from the Championship to a UEFA Cup spot in barely a minute.

I walked out in pieces. It was a Bayern Munich moment. I had won and then I had lost.

And so now I sit here worrying about whether I should buy the car or not, listening to the many thousands of opinions from family members knowing that the balance needs to be paid for good on Friday whereupon my crucifixion will be complete.

I will keep you informed.


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