Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As Liverpool paid the princely sum of 18.5 million pound for Glen Johnson, another transfer was in progress in the depths of Derbyshire.

After a sleepless week, I walked into the showroom and Friday and completed the transfer on the VW Passat. With the medical passed, I drove down the A38 to parade my new signing in front of the Chairman and my home crowd. As we walked into the stadium together I could see the Chairman with a smile on her face. Her money had been spent well.

All boded well until we went for a little drive. The Chairman turned on the CD player whereupon, Relight My Fire rose to 30 on the volume scale and consequently blew the nearside speaker. The noise from the crowd in the back of the car (Chaz and Noodle) rose to a crescendo as it belted out to the crestfallen manager

'You don't know what you're doing!'.

I had to agree.

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