Friday, October 26, 2012

Paul Jewell - is that his real name?

Isnt it strange how people have surnames which actually describe what they are like. I am thinking of someone like George Best who was (according to Pele-no footballing slouch himself) the best footballer in the world. If you're considering runners then there's good old Usain Bolt, again a perfect surname to describe the man himself. If its golfers then Tiger Woods roared onto 14 majors until his mrs hit him with a golf club around the head . So its ironic that Derby County's least successful manager of all time, has the surname of Jewell. The reason I am writing about Paul Jewell is that this week his managerial career was ended at Ipswich Town by of all teams Derby County. I wish Paul Jewell well and I hope he gets another job soon but he might want to check that surname of his is correct.

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