Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who does the lineman think he is God...cos thats what he's expected to be!

Okay this is the last piece I am writing on the English victory against Ukraine on Tuesday night. As you all know there was big hoo haa when a goal wasn't awarded againts England when the ball crossed the line. The goal checker or whatever his name is missed it but apparently in the move the Ukraine player was offside.
Now this is the bit that's interesting. Correct me if I am wrong, but to make the correct offside decision, the linesman has to see the line of the players at the exact moment the ball is kicked. Essentially he has to be looking in 2 places at once...looking at the players in the line and looking at the bloke kicking the ball. Now the only person I know who can do that is God and yet a poxy linesman (who is paid out of the crumbs left on the premiership table) is expected to do a job which is quite simply impossible.
Saving a penalty is difficult but not impossible, scoring a world class goal is difficult but not impossible. Looking at 2 different areas of the pitch at the same time is impossible. Just remember that MOTD pundits when you slate the linesman for doing a job which is not only thankless its not possible.

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