Friday, May 15, 2009

The Perfect Match - A book for men who like football and women and a bit of a laugh...oh and a beer

I have written a book about football and dating.

It is a formula for attracting women based on the 4-4-2 formation.

Although the readers have scored the book highly publishers do not want to know.

They think that men will not buy a book about attracting women.

It is only 14000 words long and so would take even the slowest reader the same amount of time as it takes a Derby County season ticket holder to regret his purchase ( approx 1 hour).

I know that when I was 18 I would have sold my next 10 snogs for a book like this.

I am just ordinary bloke not some sort of male model, so it is written from League 1 perspective and not a Champions League.

The thing about this formula is that it works. Which is really what you want a formula to do.

So would you be willing to buy a book like this?


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